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Logging on

You must log on with your username and password. If you do not yet have an account then you can request an account by using the Account Request link on the home page. You can retrieve a forgotten password by using the Retrieve Forgotten Password link available on the log on page. A new password will be sent to your email.

Logging on help

Once you have logged in you will see the home page. The menu will also have additional items and you will have a link to change your password or to log off of the site.

Change password help

Home Page

The home lists the upcoming auctions with the number of tracts as well as a separate list of the auctions with a count of your bids for that auction.

Home page help

The home page also has a link to click to request an account for the auction site and legal information.

Auctions Page

The “Auctions” page shows the upcoming auctions with a list of all the tracts presented in the auction. You can scroll through the different upcoming auctions using the green navigation arrows on each side of the auction information area. You may also search through the selected auction by entering information in the search fields and clicking the “Search” button at the bottom of the page.

Auction page help

When you click the View link you will be presented with the tract details and a button to place a bid.

Tract summary page help

If you click the Bid button you will be presented with a form to enter your bid information.

Tract summary page help

The “Friendly Name” is any name that you choose to associate with the bid. This is the only information that will be visible after the bid is submitted. You may want to use a code name for the well or something more descriptive as you see fit. All of the information is double-encrypted in the system so that no person has access to any of the bid details until the day of the auction.

Your banking information will be stored and encrypted during the auction process. After the auction is over and high bids are selected, banking information for all low bids will be erased. High bids will be processed for payment upon receipt of final approval and award. After the payments are processed, banking information for all high bids will also be erased.

Once you save the bid you will be taken to the My Bids page and you will see the friendly name just saved along with any other bids already saved in the system.

My Bids Page

This page will show a list of bids. You may click the “Edit” link to view more details about a particular bid. Since the bid details are encrypted until the day of the auction, you are only able to see the friendly name and the confirmation number. This confirmation is a calculated check code based upon the information entered. If any value in the bid is changed, then this calculated confirmation number will be different. This is used as a control number to ensure that the bid was not altered in any way.

My bids page help

If you edit the bid you will see this information:

Bid summary page help

You can only revoke a bid or change the friendly name. If you want to change the bid in any other way, you would need to revoke the bid and then create a new bid. We purposely prevent any means of viewing the contents of the bid until the day of the auction.

Live Auction Page

The live auction page will show the following if there is not an auction that day.

Live auction with no active auction page help

On the day of the auction, you will see the following:

Live auction with an active auction page help

This list will automatically update every 30 seconds. You may also force an update of the screen by clicking the “Refresh” link at the top of the list. There is also a section to show your specific bids.